Minutes of Council Meeting - 27 March 1907

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Council held as decided by Special Resolution on Wednesday the 27th March 1907 at 8 ‘clock p.m.

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Present – The Mayor (Mr B.R. Gardener) Councillors Hall, Hudson, Mackenzie, Levy, Ryder, & R. Prouse.

Minutes confirmed

            The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Hankins and Palmer. The Public Trustee wrote stating that amount of debenture falling due with interest can be paid at the local Post Office on the 16th March in each year.

Mr Bright of Otaki wrote denying that he had plied for hire in the Borough on race-day.

Mr Merrett wrote complaining of horses wandering on the streets at night, and of cattle being left in the Saleyards all night.

Intimation was also received from the Wellington & Wairarapa Charitable Aid Board that the Boroughs levy for the year amounted to (pound)17/6/8d.

Licence refused

An application from Mr. H. I. Broderson for a Boarding house Licence was refused.

The following resolutions were passed:-

Stuckey Street - Crs. Mackenzie, R. Prouse. ‘That Stuckey Street be formed – cost not to exceed (pound) 3/10/-d.’

Grand Stand -             Crs. Mackenzie, R. Prouse. ‘That the Council obtains estimates of the cost of erecting a grandstand on the Levin Park Domain.’

Placing Lamp – The Mayor, Cr. Hall. ‘That the new lamp authorised at last meeting to be placed at the junction of Salisbury and Exeter Streets, be placed at the junction of Salisbury and Devon Streets instead of the former position.’

Extra lamp – Crs. Hall & Ryder. ‘ That an extra lamp be obtained & placed at the junction of Bristol & Stanley Streets.’

Crs. Hudson, Levy. ‘That a new lamp post be erected on the streets to the east of the Railway line & to the north of Queen St. at a place to be decided on.’

Kapiti - The Mayor – Cr. Hudson. ‘That this council learns with regret that it is proposed by the Government to establish a leper settlement on Kapiti Island and respectfully urges that the matter be held over by the Government until the objections of the residents of this coast are fully investigated and considered, and that the Mayor be authorised the Minister for Health the purport of this resolution.

Rates paid – The Clerk reported that the Rates paid to date amounted to (pound) 624/15/-d

Rates unpaid - & those outstanding for (pound) 48/3/11d.

Exemption asked - The case of one ratepayer who asked to be excused from paying rates on the ground of inability to pay was considered. It was decided not to press for immediate payment.

Re Water-race maintenance rate exemptions – Three ratepayers asked for

exemption from the water-race maintenance rate on the ground of receiving no benefit from the water-races. On the motion of Cr. Hudson seconded by Cr. Hall it was resolved ‘That this Council declines to make any exemptions of water-race maintenance rate.’

            Accounts for Payment

                        The following accounts were passed for payment: -

                        A. Musgrove                           Salary to 31st March    (pound)  3/2/-d

                        C. Wilson                                            do                                   10/6d

                        P.W. Goldsmith                                  do                                   8/-/-d

                        Public Health Dept.    Subsidy                                              12/10/-d

                        Gregory & Clifford     a/c                                                              2/-d

                        H.C. Gapper                a/c                                                              4/8d

                        Chas. Williams            a/c                                                            11/3d

                        Kitson’s Patent Light Comp.              A/c                                  19/4d

                        Fire Brigade                donation                                                2/10/-d

                        Martin & Atkinson      Law costs                                                4/4/-d

                        R.W. Bradley              Coach hire                                                  7/6d

                        G. Astridge                 wages to 31st March                               18/-/-d

                        I Hook                                     ditto                                        11/14/-d

                        T. Gregory                               ditto                                           10/8/-d

                        A. Edwards Carting                ditto                                           2/10/-d

                        Levin Express Coy.                 ditto                                           1/16/-d

                        G.K. Patton                             Lamplights                                   5/2/4d



Business as directed by Statute

The business of this meeting as directed by Sec.18 of ‘The Municipal Corporations Act 1900’, was then taken.

The Town Clerk presented the District Electors’ List as made up to date & reported that there were no objections thereto. On the motion of the Mayor seconded by Cr. Ryder it was carried ‘That the District Electors List as amended be now approved and signed by the Mayor and Councillors Levy & Mackenzie.’


            This concluded the business.


                                    Basil Gardener  }

                                    April 15th 1907 }         Mayor.

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Minutes of Council Meeting - 27 March 1907

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