Minutes of Council Meeting - 18 March 1907

A meeting of the Levin borough Council was held in the Council Chambers on Monday the 18th March 1907 at 8 o’clock pm.

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Present: The Mayor (Mr B. R. Gardener) Councillors Hall, Hudson, Levy, Palmer, MacKenzie, & R. Prouse.

Minutes Confirmed

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Levin Park – Picnic

Amongst the correspondence a letter from the Secretary of the Levin Dairy Company led to the passing of the following resolution, on the motion of Cr. Hall, seconded by Cr. R. Prouse. “That the use of the Levin Park be granted to the Levin Dairy Company for the purpose of holding a picnic on the 1st proximo”.

Gravel Reserves Loan

A letter from the Public Trustee stating that the money for the Gravel Reserves Loan would be to hand in a day or two was dealt with by the following resolution, which was carried on the motion of Councillor Hudson seconded by Cr. Levy, “That the Mayor & Cr. Hall be authorised to sign the cheques to provide payment for the gravel reserves purchased from Messrs Corson & Lange respectively, as soon as the loan account at the Bank is opened”.

Hospital and Charitable Aids Grants

Intimation from the Horowhenua C.C. that the amount due by the Borough for Charitable & Hospital Grants amounted (to the 31st March 07) to £76. 5. 8, was received.

Also advice from the District of Wellington Hospital Board of levy for year 1907-8 was placed before the Council.

Telegraph Office facilities.

The following   resolutions were passed: Councillors MacKenzie – R. Prouse, “That the Postal Authorities be requested to make arrangements for having the Telegraph Office at Levin open for business between the hours of 6 and 8 o’clock pm”.

Next Meeting

Crs. Levy - Palmer: “That the next ordinary meeting be not held on the 1st April (Easter Monday), but that general business be taken at the Statutory Meeting to be held on Weds the 27th inst”.

Street Boards.

Crs. Hudson – Mackenzie- “That  “Names of Streets” to the number not exceeding 20, be procured from Chapman and Walker and that the Road Overseer attend to the placing of the same”.

Roads closed to Stock

Crs. Hall – MacKenzie : “That the Ranger be instructed to enforce the Impounding Act relating to all  stock found grazing or wandering upon the streets and roads in the Borough on and after the 1st day  of April next and further that public notice be given of the purport of this resolution”.

Lighting Committee

The report of the Lighting Committee recommended the erection of 8 new lamps & the substitution of Acetylene Lamps for the Kerosene Lamps at present in use . On the motion of Cr. MacKenzie, seconded by Cr. Levy it was resolved, “That the report of the Lighting Committee be adopted and that the tenders of Chas. H. Williams as submitted be accepted”.

Reserves Committee Reports

The Report of the Reserves Committee held over from last meeting was discussed. A letter from one of the lessees (Mr W. Francis), asking for a renewal of his lease and the right to remove buildings was received. This matter was anticipated & dealt with in the Committees report.

Clause re Lease

 Cr. Hudson moved and Cr. Hall seconded and it was carried, “That a clause be inserted in the Municipal Leases that the same be put up for auction at the end of the term granted, namely 21 years: but that they be loaded with the value of improvements, same to be paid for by the incoming tenant. Improvements to be valued by the public valuer”: this clause to be subject to the legal position being confirmed by the Solicitor to the Municipal Association”.

Reports adopted

Cr. Palmer moved, Cr. MacKenzie seconded and it was carried, “That the recommendations of the Reserves Committee be adopted subject to the clause moved by Cr. Hudson re Municipal Leases..

Map and Levels

Mr Charlesworth wrote forwarding Levels Maps of the Borough, Levels Book and his account for the work.

Levels checked

The Mayor reported that the work had been checked by the engineer of the Orua County Council, Mr Ross.  Mr Ross’s report was read and considered very satisfactory. Subsequently the following accounts were passed for payment;

Accounts passed

                             W.S.Charlesworth                            £67. 12. 0

                              Daniel Ross                                         5.   4. 0

                              P.Owens – 2nd progress payment      25.   0. 0

                                                    Kawhiu Rd contract


                                                                                      £97.  16.  0




The report of Sanitary Inspector Bennett was read and adopted.


The Treasurer reported that the Outstanding Rates amounted to £77.

Bank Balance

Cr.  Balance at Bank

                             District Fund A/c                               £155. 17.  9

                             Cemetery Fund A/c                               20. 13.  8


The Council adjourned at 10. 30 pm




                                           Basil R. Gardener               Mayor


                                            Mar 27, 1907



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Minutes of Council Meeting - 18 March 1907

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