Minutes of Council Meeting - 4 March 1907

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Levin Borough Council held in the Council Chambers on Monday 4th March 1907 at 8 o’clock pm.

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PRESENT: The Mayor (Mr B R Gardener) Councillors Hankins, Hudson, Levy, J Prouse, Ryder and Palmer.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

The Minutes of the Special Meeting held on the 4th February 1907 were read and after passing  the following resolution  were signed in confirmation thereof  - viz:  “That the Special Order made at the Special Meeting held on the 4th February 1907 striking a Special Rate of one twelfth of a penny in the pound (1-12th of a 1d. in the £ on the Capital value of all the ratable properties in the Borough of Levin (which Special Rate is security for a Loan of £ 750 raised for the purchase of Gravel Reserves) be now confirmed”.

Amongst the Correspondence a letter from Mr Kebbell was read stating that whilst thanking the Council for the honour conferred he did not see his way clear to act for the Council at the Assessment Court.  Cr Palmer moved Cr Ryder seconded and it was carried “That this Council appoint Mr Thomas Walker to be a member of the Assessment Court”.

A letter from Mr Gallichan re defining an Express Stand was dealt with by the passing of the following resolution on the motion of Cr J Prouse, seconded by Cr Palmer “That the stand for cabs and expresses be from the Railway to the Post Office in Queen Street East upon the South side of the road during the pleasure of the Council”.

A Report from the Reserves Committee was read and after some discussion it was decided to let the Report stand over until next meeting.

Moved by Cr Hankins seconded by the Mayor and carried “That Councillor Levy be appointed to sign Debentures and Coupons on behalf of the Council”.

Moved by Cr J Prouse seconded by Cr Palmer and carried “That some Chewings Fescue grass seed be procured and sown upon the sides of the new formed streets and roads in Levin”.

The following accounts were passed for payment:

P Owens – progress payment No 1.                                £ 50.  0.  0

I Hook – wages for February                                    10. 16.  0

T Gregory      ..ditto..                                               9. 12.  0

A Edwards – carting                                                      18.  0

Levin Express Coy,.  carting                                       1. 10.  0

G Astridge – wages                                                 18.  0.   0.

P K Patton – Lamplighter                                           5. 11.  6

W C Nation & Co. printing/advertising                          5. 19.  6

W W Moon – dog collars                                            5.   8.   0

Vercoe Barker & Co. – stationery                                    8.   0

C Williams & Co.  Scythe etc                                          9.   4

C H Williams – acetylene lamp                                    1. 17.  6

P W Goldsmith – clerk                                               8.   0.  0


                                                                        £118. 9. 10


Confirmed: B R Gardener (Mayor)

                        18 March 1907.  

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Minutes of Council Meeting - 4 March 1907

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