Minutes of Council Meeting - 18 February 1907

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Council which was held on Monday evening the 18th February 1907 at 8 o’clock in the Council Chambers, Oxford Street.

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Meeting 31a - 18 Feb 1907

PRESENT: The Deputy Mayor (Cr J Prouse) and Councillors Hudson, Levy, Palmer, Mackenzie and R Prouse.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and duly confirmed.

On the motion of Cr Hudson, seconded by Cr Levy, Councillor Ryder was granted leave of absence for the present meeting.


Inwards – from Minister of Health C. Aid Board, Foxton Borough Council, R Butt and Co., Receiver of Land Revenue, Public Health Department and Walter Owen.

Outwards – To Valuer General, Ed Burke, Rev. F. Delach, Chief Engineer of Roads, Minister of Labour, T W Butcher, Mayor of Dannevirke.

Moved by Cr Hudson and seconded by Cr Mackenzie “That the best assistance of this Council be given to the Foxton Borough Council in their efforts to secure better wharf accommodation at the Port of Foxton.”                              Carried.

Moved by Cr Mackenzie and seconded by Cr R Prouse “That permission be given to R Butt and Co to boil tallow as requested subject to the approval of the Sanitary Inspector of the Borough.”



The Report of Sanitary Inspector Bennett was read and on the motion of Cr Levy seconded by Cr Hudson unanimously adopted.

The report of the Lighting Committee was also read and adopted.

The Treasurer’s Statement showed Credit balance at Bank as follows:

Dist. Fund a/c   £ 53.6.0, Cemetery a/c   £ 16. 3. 8. Receipts from all sources to date   £ 1034.14. 7.   Re rates – outstanding 150 accounts which represent approximately    £ 270.  Amount of Rates collected to date     £ 397.10.1.

Concerning the appointment of a member of the forthcoming assessment court it was resolved on the motion of Cr Mackenzie, seconded by Cr Prouse “That Mr John Kebbell be appointed a “member of the Assessment Court on behalf of the Borough”.

Moved by Cr Palmer seconded by Cr Levy “That the Mayor and Clerk “make arrangements re lamp lighting”.

On the motion of Cr Palmer, seconded by Cr Hudson, Cr R Prouse was granted leave of absence from the next meeting.

The following accounts were passed for payment:    viz:

W C Martin & Co. Advertising                                 £ 4.  5.  0

W S Charlsworth on a/c – levels                                5.  0.  0

C Wilson – 2 months salary to 18 Feb.                          16.  8

Hire Public Hall (McNabs)                                            10.  0

Le Grove - Typewriter ribbon                                                  3. 6

W R Bock - badges and rivets                                            1.13. 9


                                                                        £ 12. 8.11



Confirmed:   B  R Gardener (Mayor)

                           March 4th 1907.

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Minutes of Council Meeting - 18 February 1907

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