Minutes of Special Meeting - 4 February 1907

Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Council held in the Council Chambers at 9 o’clock pm on Monday the 4th February 1907.

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PRESENT:  The Mayor (Mr B R Gardener), Councillors Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy. Mackenzie, Palmer, Prouse J, Prouse R and Ryder.

The business of the Meeting which was duly summoned and constituted was to strike a rate by “special order” for security on the £750 loan to be borrowed for purchasing Gravel Reserves etc.

Moved by the Mayor and seconded by Cr Ryder and carried.

In pursuance of and in exercise of the powers invested in it in that behalf by the “The Municipal Corporations Act 1900” and by “The Loans to Local Bodies Act 1901”, the Levin Borough Council hereby resolves as follows:

“That for the purpose of providing interest and other charges on the loan of £750 authorised to be raised by the Levin Borough Council under the abovementioned Acts for purchasing the properties hereinafter described to be used as gravel and rubbish reserves for the Borough of Levin, viz: (1) a part of section 67 Levin Village Settlement, Block I, Waiopehu S.D. containing 10 acres (more or less) with buildings and improvements thereon, and (2) part of Section 26 Levin Suburban Block I Waiopehu S.D. containing  3 acres 1 rood 28 perches with house and improvements thereon, the said Levin Borough Council hereby makes and levies (by Special Order) a special rate of one twelfth of a penny (1-12th) in the pound (£) on the ratable capital value of all property in the Borough of Levin, the boundaries of which are set forth in the New Zealand Gazette No 17 of the 1st March 1906 Page 653, and that such rate shall be an annually recurring rate during the currency of such loan and be payable yearly on the 1st day of March in each and every year during the currency of such loan, being a period of 15 years or until the loan is fully paid off.”

This resolution was carried unanimously, and the Mayor then moved, Councillor Hall seconded and it was carried.

“That the above resolution be duly advertised, and presented for confirmation at the ordinary meeting of the Council to be held at     8 o’clock pm on the 4th March 1907.”

This concluded the business of the Special Meeting.

Confirmed:    B R Gardener  (Mayor)      4 March 1907

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Minutes of Special Meeting - 4 February 1907

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