Minutes of Council Meeting - 4 February 1907

Minutes of Meeting of the Council held on Monday evening 4th Feb. 1907 in the Council Chamber Oxford St.

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Present: - The Mayor (Mr B.R. Gardener) Crs. Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy, Palmer, Prouse J., Prouse R., Ryder & Mackenzie.

Confirmation of minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting and those of the Special meeting as set forth on page 96 were in each case read & respectively confirmed.


Transfer of lease of Municipal Reserve

A request from Mr. Burke to transfer a Municipal Reserve to Mr. Hudson was granted by the following resolution: Moved by Cr. Hall & seconded by Cr. Hankins ‘That Section 13 Block XIV be transferred to T.A.B. Hudson from Edmund Burke’          Carried.

Lamplighter’s resignation

Mr P.K. Patton wrote resigning his position as Lamplighter. Cr. Hall moved Cr. R. Prouse seconded and it was carried ‘That the resignation of Mr. Patton as Lamplighter be accepted to date from 18th Feb. 1907 & that the Council call applications for the same position.’

Held over

The matter of appointing an Assessor for the Valuation Count as requested by the Valuer General was held over until next meeting.


The Treasurer reported the following bank balances: -

                        District Fund a/c                     cr. £24/13/9d

                        Cemetery Fund a/c                    cr. £22/6/8d

Rates paid to date by 157 Ratepayers                  £317/-/-d odd.


Report on breaches of By-laws

The Town Clerk brought down a Report as to Breaches of the By-laws, prepared as directed by resolution of the council. On the report being read, Cr. Hudson moved & Cr. Ryder seconded ‘That the Inspector’s Report be referred to the By-laws Committee.’ As an amendment The Mayor moved & Cr. Hall seconded ‘That the Inspector take action against persons who in his opinion are wilfully committing breaches of the By-laws.’ The amendment was carried.


At 9 o’clock the Council adjourned for the purpose of holding a Special meeting. On resuming after the Special meeting was over the following resolutions were passed: -

Rates must be paid

Councillors Hall – Mackenzie. ‘That public intimation be given that all rates unpaid by the 4th March next will be sued for without further notice.’

Refund to Poundkeeper

Councillors Hall – Mackenzie. ‘That a refund of 10/- be made to the Poundkeeper in connection with loss on stock sold out of pound.’

Dog tax

Councillors Levy – Palmer. ‘That public notice be given by advertisement that all dogs must be registered within the Borough and that the fee is 10/- reducible to 5/- if paid by the 31st March.’

Leave of absence to Mayor

The Mayor intimated his probable absence from the Borough for about a fortnight. Leave of absence was granted to him for the next meeting. Cr. Levy moved & Cr. Ryder seconded ‘That Cr. Hudson be elected Deputy Mayor.’ Cr. Mackenzie Moved & Cr. Palmer seconded ‘That Cr. Jas. Prouse be appointed Deputy Mayor during the Mayor’s absence’. On a vote being taken, the Mayor declared Cr. J. Prouse elected to the position.

Leave of absence to Cr. Hall

Leave of absence from the next meeting was also granted to Councillor Hall.


The following Accounts were passed for payment

  A. Musgrove                        
  H.C.Gapper – goods                 14/4d
  F.W. Pink - goods    1/5/-d
  Swainson & Bevan – goods       5/6d
  Miss Palmer – goods      4/-d
J. Taylor – goods       2/-d
Thompson & Palmer – goods       3/-d
P.K. Patton – Lamplighter             6/19/5d
J. Hook – wages             12/3/-d
T. Gregory – wages             5/12/-d
F. Sigglekow – wages               7/-/-d
G. Astridge – wages             22/-/-d
A. Edwards – carters              2/8/-d
P.W. Goldsmith – Salary 10/-/-d



Cemetery Accounts

            T. Gregory – Labour £2/16/-d.,

Edwards cart/s £1/16/-d

                R. & A. Walker – labour & material £4/11/-d



            Confirmed – James Prouse (Deputy Mayor)


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Minutes of Council Meeting - 4 February 1907

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