Minutes of Special Meeting - 21 January 1907

Minutes of a Special Meeting of the council held at 8.30 o’clock p.m. on the 21st January 1907.

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The meeting was summoned in terms of “The Shops and Offices Act 1904 “to decide the working day of the week for the closing of shops at 1 o’clock, & the following members were present:


The Mayor (Mr. B.R. Gardener) Councillors Hall, Hudson, Levy, Palmer, R. Prouse and Ryder.


A petition was received from W.B. Macintosh & 9 others asking the council to fix Saturday as the day for their legal half-holiday. It was pointed out that petitioners could take advantage of Sec.9 (subsection 2) of the Act. Cr. Levy moved Cr. Palmer seconded & it was carried.

Day decided.

“That the weekly half-holiday be Wednesday as here to fore”.

This concluded the business of the Special Meeting.

Confirmed                   Basil Gardener            Mayor

                                    Feb. 4th 1907.

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