Minutes of Council Meeting - 7 January 1907

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Levin Borough Council held on Monday evening 7 January 1907.

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Present – The Mayor (Mr BR. Gardener), Crs. Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy, Palmer, Prouse J, Prouse R and Ryder.

Minutes Confirmed

The Minutes of the previous meeting also special meeting held on the 21st December 1906 were in each case read and confirmed respectively.


Amongst the correspondence the following was dealt with: -

New road through Sec.3 & 27

A letter from Mr. Prendergast enclosing specifications for construction of a new road led to the following resolution on the motion of Cr. Levy seconded by Cr. Palmer, ‘That the specifications for construction of road through Sect. 3 and 27 Levin Suburban (from Weraroa Rd. to TiroTiro Rd) submitted to this Council by Mr. Prendergast on behalf of Messrs. France Arcus & Lancaster be now approved.” This was carried, Cr. Hankins alone dissenting.

Kawhui road tenders called.

A letter from the District Road Engineer approving of the specifications and for the formation of the Kawhui Road was read. The Mayor moved Cr. Hall seconded and it was carried “That tenders be called for the work to be done on the Kawhui Road according to plans and specifications, which have been approved by the District Road Engineer.”

Auctioneers’ licences granted

In response to applications for Auctioneers’ Licences the following resolutions were unanimously carried: -  “That Mr. T. A. B. Hudson of the firm of Hudson and Easther be granted an Auctioneers’ licence for 12 months ending 31st December 1907, upon payment of the usual fee.” “That an Auctioneers’ Licence be granted to Mr. J. G. Hawkins of the firm of Swainsen & Bevan Ltd. for 12 months ending 31st December 1907 upon payment of the usual fee.”

Collar Badges

Mr W. R. Bock wrote offering to supply 200 Collar badges with rivets for 32/6. Moved by Cr. Ryder seconded by Cr. Hudson and carried “That Mr. Bock’s offer re Badges be accepted and that Tenders be called for the supply of 200 dog collars.

Registration fee for Dogs

The question of the amount of registration fee for dogs to be charged by the council this year caused considerable discussion. Eventually in the motion of Cr. Levy seconded by Cr. Palmer it was unanimously resolved “That the Registration Fee for all dogs for the year 1907 be 10/-, to be reduced to 5/- if paid by the 31st March 1907; that the Registration Office be the Borough Council Office Levin and that the Registrar be the Clerk of the Levin Borough Council.”

Strong Room

The Town Clerk wrote drawing attention to the insecurity of the strong room against fire. Moved by the Mayor seconded by Cr. Ryder & carried  “That the Horowhenua County Council be requested to act with the Borough Council in making the present strong room fire proof.”

Re weekly half-holiday

It was explained by the Mayor that owing to circumstances the present meeting was not summoned to deal with the half holiday question. It was then moved by Cr. R. Prouse & seconded by Cr. J. Prouse “That a special meeting of the council be held on the 21st January 1907 at 8.30 o’clock p.m. to decide by resolution the working day in the week for the closing of shops at 1 o’clock.” Carried.


The Borough Treasurer reported that the Bank Overdraft to the 5th inst. Was £275/11/5. Ninety eight persons had paid rates amounting to £152/4/8.

Accounts paid

            The following accounts were passed for payment: -

            W. C. Nation & Co. advertising etc.  
  Petty Cash 
  B. R. Gardener & Co.  
  Thompson & Palmer
  Levin Express Company 



                                    Basil Gardener            Mayor.

            Date -              Jan. 21 1907.

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Minutes of Council Meeting - 7 January 1907

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