Minutes of Special Meeting 20 August 1906

Minutes of a Special Meeting of the Council held in the Council Chamber on Monday 20 August 1906 at 8.15 pm.

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The Meeting was duly summoned and constituted to make a special order creating by-laws for the Borough.

Present:  The Mayor (Mr B.R. Gardner)

                 Crs. Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy and Ryder


Special Order

Moved by the Mayor and seconded by Cr. Levy and carried unanimously “That in pursuance of the powers and provisions contained in ‘The Municipal Corporations Act 1900’ and the amendments thereof, and ‘The Public Health Act 1900’ and the amendments thereof, and in pursuance of all other powers and provisions contained or implied in any statute or ordinance enabling the local authority in that behalf the Levin Borough Council do now by this Special Order make and create by-laws for the Borough of Levin which shall come into force on and after the 1st day of October 1906, and shall continue in force thereafter until altered or revoked by the said Council, the subject matter of the said by-laws being as follows:


Part 1                          Interpretations

Part 2                          Penalties

Part 3                          Standing Orders

Part 4                          In respect of streets

General Government

Good rule and Govt of the Borough

Fire Prevention

Storage of dangerous goods

Part 5                          Sanitary and Public Health

Part 6                          Building Regulations

Part 7                          Licensed Carriages etc.

Part 8                          Nuisances

Part 9                          Buildings for Public Meetings

Part 10                                    Lodging Houses

Part 11                                    Pedlars and Hawkers

Part 12                                    Heavy Traffic

Part 13                                    Miscellaneous


And the Council further resolves that public notice relating to this Special

Order be given in compliance with Sections 73 and 407 of ‘The Municipal Corporations Act 1900’ and also that this Special Order be confirmed at a special meeting of the Council to be held on Thursday the 20th September 1906 at 8 o’clock pm.




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