Minutes of 5th Council Meeting 8 June 1906

Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Council postponed from the 4th June, which was held in the Council Room on Friday the 8th June 1906.

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Present His Worship the Mayor (Mr B Gardiner) and Councillors Hankins, Hall, Hudson, Levy, Mackenzie, Palmer J Prouse and Ryder.

Minutes of the last ordinary meeting and also of special meeting held on the 28th May were in each case read and respectively confirmed.

Correspondence – a letter was read from Mr R Jones asking permission to break up footpath to lay a storm water drain from Mr W M Clark’s property in Oxford Street.  On the motion of Cr Hankins seconded and Cr Prouse it was decided to grant the request provided the work is carried out to the satisfaction of the Borough surfaceman.

Mr W M Clark wrote requesting (1) permission to erect a verandah in Oxford St and (ii) asking if the Council could advise him as to the true level of the street opposite his shop in Oxford Street.

In the matter of the verandah it was moved by Cr. Hankins seconded by the Mayor and carried "That the application of Mr W M Clark to erect a verandah in the front of his premises in Oxford Street be held over pending receipt of plans in connection with the same."

Moved by Cr Mackenzie and seconded by Cr. Hall and carried "that Mr Garland be asked on which authority he is disturbing the footpath in Oxford St and who gave him permission to lay concrete in the said footpath."

Moved by Cr Hall seconded by Cr Mackenzie and carried "that Mr R Butt be asked who gave him permission to erect a verandah in Oxford St."

On the question of levels raised by Mr Clark's letter, it was decided to let Mr Clark know that although the Council saw his present difficulty, it could not at the present stage take any responsibility as to street levels.

A letter was read from Mr J Kebbell asking on behalf of the Wellington Board of Education that the Council would open and construct Chamberlain Street, thus opening up the Board’s Reserve (old school site) – and also giving access to the back of the gravel reserve Block I.  A long discussion ensued and suggestions that the matter be held over and also that the letter be referred to the Streets and Footpaths Committee were both negative.  At length in the motion of Cr. Hankins seconded by Cr Mackenzie it was carried “that this Borough Council will construct no private streets and that Mr Kebbell be informed on this resolution”.

A letter was received from the Levin School Committee asking the Council to do the Sanitary work from the 1st April – On the motion of Cr. Hankins seconded be Cr. Hudson it was decided to refer the letter to the Sanitation Committee for report.

A letter was read from Mr F J Shelton asking permission to make a trial of Acetylene gas in lamp near the Railway Station.  On the motion of Cr Hall seconded by Cr. Mackenzie it was decided to grant permission in terms of letter.

Messrs I W Gilbon and F O Smith waited in the Council and requested "that the 'thirds' from sections in Winchester Street be applied towards widening this Street.  It was decided to meet the wishes of the deputation as nearly as possible later on.

Reports – The Financial and Adjustments Committee reported concerning their meeting with the Committee of the County Council on the 18th of May 1906.  On the motion of Cr. Levy seconded by Cr. Hall the report and recommendations of the Committee were adopted.

The Bylaws Committee reported that several sections of the by-laws had been considered and were ready for approval when required.

The Committee appointed re trees brought in their report.  A motion by Cr. Hudson that the report be laid on the table was lost and it was then carried on the motion of Cr. Hall seconded by Cr. Mackenzie that the Tree Committee's report be adopted provided that the sum expend is not more that £5.

Moved by Cr. Hankins and seconded by Cr. Hall "that the Treasurer and any twoCouncillors (Hudson, Hall, Hankins, Levy, Mackenzie, Ryder, Palmer, J Prouse, R Rouse and Gardiner) be empowered to sign all cheques drawn on the Bank and that the Clerk be instructed to intimate to the Councils Bankers the nature of this resolution."

On the motion of Cr. Levy seconded by Cr Hall it was decided "that a Library Committee to consist of Crs. Hudson, Mackenzie, Hall, Levy and J Prouse be appointed."  A request from the Secretary of the Weraroa library for a granted towards that Library’s funds was referred to this Committee for consideration and report.

Moved by the Mayor and seconded by Cr. Mackenzie and carried "that this Council petition the Chief Surveyor to make a standard Survey of the Borough."

The question of a rate for the currentyear was then considered.  The Mayor moved and Cr. Mackenzie seconded "that notice be given in accordance with the statutory provisions under The Rating Act 1894 and the Municipal Corporations Act 1900, that it is the intention of this Council at a special meeting to be held on the 25th June to strike a General Rate of 1¼d in the £ on the capital value and that the rate book will be open for inspection as by law provided during office hours.

As an amendment Cr. Hudson proposed and Cr Hankins seconded "that the General Rate be one penny in the pound."

The amendment was discussed at some length and on being put to the Council was declared lost.  A division being called the voting was as under:

Ayes(4)                                    Noes(5)

Cr Hall                                     The Mayor

Cr Hankins                               Cr, J Prouse

Cr Hudson                                Cr. Ryder

Cr. Palmer                                Cr. Mackenzie

                                               Cr. Levy

The Mayor's motion was then put and declared carried on the voices.

The Council went into Committee to consider appointments.  On resuming it was announced that the Council be advised to make the following appointments – Carter, A G Edwards, Lamplighter, P K Patten, Town Clerk and P W Goldsmith.  It was decided to adopt these recommendations.

On the motion of the Mayor a resolution embodying appreciation by the Council of the services of the acting Town Clerk was unanimously carried.

Regarding a Ranger for the Borough the County Ranger sent in an application offering to impound stock within the Borough for 30/- per month and droving fees.  On the motion of Cr. Hankins seconded by Cr. Hudson it was decided the to offer the Country Ranger £5 per annum and droving fees, salary to be paid monthly and engagement to be terminated on one month’s notice.

Accounts passed for payment

Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd – office books                                  £1.3.9

E Palmer – stationery                                                               5.3

P Bartholomew – Timber                                                        1.2.5

C Thompson Surfaceman 16 days @8/-                                   6.8.0

Railway freight 3/6 cartage 1/6                                                 5.0

Also E Smith – stonebreaker                                                  2.4.0

Total                                                                               £11.8.5


Confirmed - Basil R. Gardener

June 18 1906 



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