Meeting 81 - 19 October 1908

Minutes of meeting of the Council held in the Council Chamber on Monday the 19th October 1908 8 o’clock p.m.

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Present Councillors Hall, Hudson, Douglas, Levy, Ryder, Mackenzie (attended late) and the Mayor, (Mr B R Gardener).  Leave of absence granted to Cr. Prouse on account of an accident.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


Re: Headworks contract No.3 Settling Tanks

A letter received from Mr Roberts stating he had made a mistake in tendering of the Settling Tanks and could not carry out the contract for the sum named, was considered in committee.  On resuming the Council passed the following resolutions mover Cr Hudson seconded Cr. Hall “That fresh tenders be called for Head Works contract No. 3”.  (Cr. Levy dissented to this resolution).  Regarding Mr Roberts deposit of £40. Cr. Hudson moved and Cr. Hall seconded “That the sum of £30 be returned to Mr D Roberts on account of deposit paid for contract No. 3”.


Re: Gas Loan

Mover The Mayor seconder Cr. Hall “That in the matter of the Gasworks Loan of £10,000 authorised to be raised by this Council for a period of 26 years at 4½  %, this Council hereby resolves and directs that Debentures with the requisite coupons be printed in the form prescribed by ‘The Local Bodies Loans Act 1908’ as follows: viz, “ 7 Debentures for £1,000 each, and 30 Debentures for £100 each; and  that one of the £100 Debentures mature and be payable on the 1st day of November in each and every year during the currency of the loan, the first thereof to be redeemed on the 1st November 1909”.                 Carried.


Signing Debentures

Moved by The Mayor – Seconded by Cr. Hall

1) “That this Council hereby authorises the Mayor and Councillor Hudson to sign the Debentures and Coupons in connection with the Gas Loan and further hereby appoints P W Goldsmith Borough Treasurer to be the countersigning officer for the said debentures & coupons, and

2) “That this Council further authorises the fixing of the Common Seal of the Council to all Debentures &  Coupons in connection with the said Gas Loan, and also to attach the Seal to all the copies of resolutions, special orders, extracts from minutes or other documents required for the purposes of the said Loan”.    Carried.


Special meeting

Moved by The Mayor    - Seconder Cr. Hall   “That a special meeting of the Council be called for Monday evening the 26th October 1908 at 8p.m to consider tenders for Street Work”  Carried.


Delegate to vote for Hospital Trustees

Moved by Cr. Levy – Seconded by Cr. Hall   “That Mr Bolton be elected as a delegate from this Council to act in electing Trustees for the District of Wellington Hospital Board”.


Cr. William’s resignation

The Clerk reported that Mr Chas. Williams had resigned his seat on the Council as from the 15th inst.


Moved by Cr. Levy Seconded by Cr. Hudson “That this Council regrets that Cr. Williams has seen fit to resign his seat and begs to convey to him its appreciation of his services to the Borough during his term of office as Councillor”  carried.


Crossings from footpaths

Mover Cr. Hall seconder Cr Levy “That no crossings be allowed over the Kerbing being done in the Borough other than those leading to right-of-way.  Carried.


Balance sheets for 1907-8

The Balance Sheet for year ended 31.3.08 was received from the Audit Office duly certified by the Controller and Auditor-General.


Moved by The Mayor and seconded by Cr. Levy.  “That the Balance Sheet as now received and considered be finally settled and that the same be printed.”  carried.


Gasworks Manager

The Council went into Committee to consider applications for the position of Working Manager for the Gas Works.  On resuming it was reported that 17 applications were received and the appointment of Mr C E Shaw of Temuka recommended. Mr Blackman consulting Engineer was present at the meeting.  On the motion of Cr. Hall seconded by Cr. Levy the recommendation of the Committee was adopted and Mr Shaw was appointed to the position.


Accounts passed

The following accounts were passed for payment:-


Loan Account:

A W Jones 2nd progress payment re Streets Contract No. 9       167.5.0
Otago Daily Times Co.       Advertising      3.16.0
N Z Times Company Ltd           “   1.0.0
Wilson & Horton                       “   3.10.0
Lyttleton Times Co. Ltd           “          1.15.0
Blundell Bros                           “           5.11.6
John Close – Making gate    1.9.0


General Accounts

Public Health Dept.  -  contribution to sal.                12.10.6
Horowhenua Co.  Share Lic. Exes   4.7.10
C M Banks Ltd.      Books etc    1.2.6
E Gapper & Co  - C. Aid     a/c Watson  2.10.0
T Broome -                 “              Bignall       3.0.0



B.R.Gardener, Mayor

Nov 2 1908

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