Meeting 84 - 16 November 1908

An ordinary meeting of the Levin Borough Council was held on the 16th November 1908 at 8 o’clock pm.

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Present The Mayor (Mr B. R. Gardener) Councillors Douglas, Hall Hudson, Levy, Mackenzie, Prouse, Palmer & Ryder (Cr Hankins absent on sick leave).


The minutes of the previous meeting were duly read and confirmed.


Use of Levin Park for Fire Brigade

Moved Cr. Prouse - seconded by Cr Hudson

“That the request of the Fire Brigade for the use of Levin Park Domain on the 22nd January next be granted, subject to the Brigade observing the usual formalities and taking every care of the property”.      Carried.


Referred to Finance Committee

Mover Cr Hall – seconded Cr Hudson

“That the letter from Inspector Lee of the Melbourne Fire Brigade, in reference to a “Waterous” Fire Engine be referred back to the Finance Committee to report to next meeting”.     Carried


Amendment list

Councillors Mackenzie’s amendment to the proceeding motion “That the “Waterous” Fire Engine be purchased and the matter of ways and means be left in the hands of the Finance Committee to arrange”, was lost, Crs Mackenzie, Palmer, and Levy only supporting it.


R Baylis’ Contract

Moved by Cr Hall – seconded by Cr Hudson

“That the final payment on Contract No.8 (R. Baylis contractor) be paid as soon as the Engineer passes the work”.  Carried


Sheep on Road

Moved by the Mayor – seconded by Cr Ryder

“That the ranger be instructed not to impound stock from the Borough Roads between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm until further notice, except in the case of the main and newly made streets, viz,

  1. Main Street (Devon Street to Beach Road)
  2. Queen Street (Bartholomew Rd to Salisbury Street)
  3. Cambridge Street (Bath Street to York Street)
  4. Weraroa Road (Queen Street to Makomako Road)
  5. Makomako Road  West of Railway line
  6. Bath Street West
  7. Salisbury Street



(Crs Palmer, Levy, Mackenzie opposing)


Lighting Committee

The Lighting Committee laid before the Council its opinion on the position of the proposed new lamps in various parts of the Borough.


Grant to Library

The Library Committee recommended that a Grant of £25 be voted to the Public Library and the Council agreed to the recommendation.


Spending grant in Kawhiu Road

Moved by Cr Prouse and seconded by Cr. Levy

“That the Roads Committee consider the best means of expending the Govt. Grant of £100 and that they furnish a proposal re the same to the District Roads Surveyor, and that upon his approval being received plans and specifications be prepared and tenders called for the work”.  Carried


The Engineer reported that 15 tenders were received for Gas Plant specified –


Tender for Gas Plant accepted

Moved by the Mayor – seconded by Cr Hudson

“That the tender of Messrs Coward & Co of London for supplying Gasworks Plant as specified (including a 20,000 cubic feet gas holder) for the sum of £1195 c.i.f. Wellington be accepted”.  Carried


Moved by Cr. Prouse – seconded by Cr. Levy

“That the method of shipping Gas Plant by Coward & Co be left in the hands of the Mayor, Engineer and Town Clerk”.  Carried


Refunding Deposits

Moved by the Mayor – seconded by Cr Mackenzie

“That the Clerk be authorised to refund to the local tenderers for Gas Plant, their respective deposits of £1.1.0 which were forwarded when plans were applied for.”   Carried


Tender for Cottage accepted

Six tenders were received for the erection of a cottage for the Gasworks Manager.  Cr. Levy moved and Cr. Prouse seconded “That the tender of Mr T. G. Williams for erection of Managers Residence for the sum of £356 (including Hot Water Service) be accepted”.


Mayor as delegate

Moved by Cr Hudson – seconded by Cr Ryder

“That this Council appoints the Mayor to act as its delegate in choosing with the delegate of the Horowhenua County Council a representative on the Wellington District Hospital Board; also that the Mayor act as a delegate in electing a member of the Wellington & Wairarapa Charitable Aid Board.  Carried.


Road Plans Settlers Block

Cr Hudson moved & Cr Hall seconded “that the resolution passed on 6th April 1908 approving of plans and specifications of the walls in the Settler Block be rescinded.”  Carried.



The following accounts were passed for payment:

Streets Loan

A. W. Jones -                         on contract 9         £37.10.0
      “                                              “                  11.10.6
      “                        progress payment ¼  “  51.10.0
R. Baylis - 1st Pro. Payment contract 13           75.0.0


Waterworks Loan

Nash & Coombe – Advertising                     1.6.0
Blundell Bros.                 “    1.0.0


Streets Loan

G. McCarty – Pro.Payment contract 12        150.0.0



Hudson & Marriott – C aid a/c               3.2.6
Mrs Milne   (Bignall)       “          1.17.6
Harper & Harper – legal charge     19.14.3
J. Whitaker – Pro. Payment re buildings        157.10.0
Grant to Public Library  25.0.0



B R Gardener Mayor

Dec 7 1908

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