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Born in Marton in 1920 but spent all his life in Levin, died in 2013, a very community minded man who spent much of his life helping his fellow man and the community of Levin.


 To follow will be a short history of this amazing man and a number of photos about his life.

Special thanks to the Jenson family particularly daughter " Lynn", and many of Laurie's friends in supplying information and assisting
with research to document part of Laurie's life. HJP.

    Laurence ( better known as Laurie ) was born in Marton on 16th September 1920. He was then brought to live with
his grandparents Mr.William and Mary Jenson, at 105 Winchester Street, Levin. He remained living in this house for the
next ninety years of his life. The last three years he spent living in Te Whanau Rest home, Queen Street, Levin.
When his grandparents moved on Laurie continued to live there, married and bought up his family there as well. This tells
something  about Laurie, staunch and traditional in much of his thinking.
      When five years old Laurie started his schooling at
The levin School in Oxford Street Levin. And the early 1900s.
His grandfather Mr William Jenson, had built up a plumbing
business. His premises and workshop in Oxford Street was
across the road from The Levin 
school. Laurie would have
spent much of his after-school hours checking out what was
happening in the workshop. He was a good student, enjoyed his
school days playing sports and took a keen interest in the trades
training area. At the age of 15. Laurie 
gained his proficiency and
left school.
     During his school days times were hard, the country was in
recession, Laurie could remember the changes that were happening, 
horse and carts were being replaced by motorcars and motor trucks.
    Electricity was being installed around town and gas lighting was
being replaced by electric lights. Ladies were wearing calf length
dresses, the men hat and tie. Poles and telephone cables

were being installed and telephones were available.
      The peace parade up Oxford Street, levin 1918  
          W. Jenson Building in the background.                                  

   They were exciting times and Laurie enjoyed all of it. He had a good friend, "Jeremy Milne ", whose father owned Milne's
garage in
 Queen Street, Levin. One of the mechanics at the garage, Mr Jack Butler, was building an aeroplane in Mr Milne's
during his spare time. Every afternoon for three years after school, Laurierie and Jeremy would go to the garage and
watch the progress of Jack Butler building his aeroplane.Laurie was in his element.He loved things mechanical.
     In July 1932, Mr Butler had finished building the aeroplane, it was transported to Waitarere Beach, at Levin, for a trail flight.
Jack piloted the aeroplane and 
made several flights from the beach. It eventually had a crash landing. Laurie witnessed all this.
   A love of things 
mechanical was instilled in him. Laurie recalled how Jack Butler's eyes nearly popped out
of his head when he salvaged a model 
A Ford car from the side of Paekakariki Hill Road. He wanted the motor to power
his aeroplane.
The years of depression which covered the final years of Laurie's schooling taught him the value of waste not, want not. 
    At the end of his school days. He used to say that he would
have liked to have been a mechanic or an engineer, but being 
in the plumbing business the family thought might be a good
idea to carry on and be trained as a plumber .
    To learn his craft. It was thought best to do this outside the
family firm and he was apprenticed to Leo Albert Plumbers
in Wellington. In the five-year apprenticeship he learned his
craft well and he met Grace the lady in the office. She took one
at his name when he wrote it down, and told him he couldn't
spell. Well! He was eight years her junior and at the age of 15
 might as well been one hundred! But she became
very special to him. At the end of his apprenticeship he returned
to live 
in Levin and to become part of the family business. But he
continued to visit Grace. Legend has it that he rode his bicycle
              Jack Butlers home built aeroplane 1932                       from 
Levin to Lyall Bay in Wellington to court her. He was very           
keen ! But of course the war intervened and it was 1947 before they married. The house at 105 Winchester Street, Levin
their home.

    During the Second World War because he was in an essential occupation, Laurie remained at home giving of his spare time
to the home guard. It was at this time that he put a gas conversion unit on his Austin seven motorcar to get him to camps and
courting. It could just make the top of Paekakariki Hill, and the piping, which ran from the running board under the car was just the
right height for bowling over hares, he said they made a great Sunday roast.
    At the end of the war, Laurie began to chart his life with Grace and their family of three.
Laurie was a man of his time the provider, working long hours, and happily leaving Grace to be
the homemaker. The three children remember he was always there for them, how he rebuilt an
old pedal car that was then passed down through the family. 
   Laurie was also building up the business of which he had now become the principal,
"W. Jenson and Co". In those days plumbing had a breadth that took in lots of types of work;
pipework, drainage, tank making, sheet metal work and more. Laurie moved into repairing
 pumps and milking machines, set up a radiator repair shop and was even into a little
water divining. There was a lot of things that he could turn his his hands to, he was a good
tradesman and had a wealth of knowledge on many matters directly and indirectly related to
his trade. He had this great memory but for all of that he was a traditional in his outlook.
He preferred 
copper to plastic stuff "Give me copper any day," he would say. He worked
very hard. He was on call  twenty four hour a day, seven days per week.
   Although Laurie was a very hard worker, he made time to take his family on caravanning
holidays to lake Taupo. It was here that they enjoyed boating, fishing and camping. 
   In 1954 Laurie became involved with the Levin Fire Brigade. He was a fire policeman and
served 29 years in the brigade  before retirement in 1960. Later he also became involved with
the Levin motor racing club. Laurie was also very interested in vintage cars and machinery.
 Photo by The Chronicle                              He was a keen member of the Horowhenua Vintage Car Club, he played an active part in 
Laurie in his home guard uniform    club affairs, serving  on the committee and in time becoming chairman. His contribution was 

during World War two                      recognised with his selection as a life member, and more lately as patron of the branch.

 He restored his beloved1938 Morris eight car and Grace did the upholstery work on the seats.The Morris was used in all the
Christmas parades in Levin, Foxton and Shannon. Grace and the grandchildren and friends accompanied him on many of
these trips.
   On retirement, Laurie had time to follow a number of other hobbies, notably fishing, but his
old interests were still very important to him and he retained links with them. And there were
the grandchildren!, they had a very special place in his heart and were rewarded
for their visits with cuddles and gifts.
  When Grace died it left a big gap for Laurie, but he battled on. Losing his licence was another
knock back but he purchased an  electric scooter, it was a great backup and gave him mobility,
through it he gained another group of friends. In his last three years he was living full time at
Te Whanau rest home in Levin. He had a steady stream of visitors and he just loved to keep up
date with all his interest. His mind remained sharp though his body was failing him.
Of particular note was the strong link that he 
retained with sister," Madge". They were in contact
by mail with each other every week. 
   Laurie was a traditionalist, -" dinner on the table a twelve", on Saturdays a visit to the Grand
Hotel for an hour, tea on the table at five.
  He was always available to advise other tradesmen how to go about fixing problems, how to
make things work and assist apprentices through their apprenticeships, extremely
community minded. Would help any community organization.  
A perfectionist, a very strong family
orientated man. 
Photo by Bruce Clark 

Laurie and Grace celebrating Lauries'
80th birthday at the Vintage Car Club
rooms at Ohau. Year 2000 

Laurie Jenson and family on his 90th birthday 2010 

1  . Laurie Jenson        2 .  Joel Shepherd        3 .  Madge Stedman     4 .  Lynn Shepherd    5 .  Kahlel Higgens           6 . Curt Shepherd   7 . Alan Jenson
8  . Dale Jenson            9 . Jordan Shepherd  10.  Warren Jenson      11. Loris Hudson        12. Margaret Stedman    13. Jack Davidson  14. Stephanie Jenson
15. Anita Davidson      16. Sue Jenson            17. Nathan Davidson    18. Iris Clark               19 Chris Shepherd            20.  Deby Higgens    21. Norman Shepherd
22. Maree Shepherd   23. David Shepherd  
                                                         Following are a few photos and notes about Laurie's life

                         Laurie Jenson aged two years

Laurie Jenson aged 2 1922 

Laurie Jenson aged six years at St.Andrew Church Sunday                                        School in Levin 

Laurie Jenson 1925 at sunday school

              Levin School Oxford Street Levin 1921

  Levin School Oxford Street Levin 1921

by henryphillips

          Levin School Oxford Street Levin 1921

   The Levin School was opened in 1890, the photo
   on the left was taken in 1921, around the time that 
   Laurie would be starting school. Laurence would have           been familar with this sight.


             Laurie at Levin School year seven 1932

Laurie Jenson Levin School year 7 1932 

      William and Mary Jenson 9 Laurie's grand parent's

 William ( senior) and Mary Anne Jenson Laurie's grandparents     William was the founder of W. Jenson and Co Ltd                   Plumbers established in Levin in the early 1900s Their first workshop was set up around no 100 Oxford Street. Later on they set up a new larger workshop accross the road from  Durham Street. Where the new Council building and offices are  set up.
Mr. W. Jenson passed away 2-12-1941
Mrs.M. Jenson passed away 17-05-1938 

  The Staff at Leo Alberts Plumbing Company in Wellington

 Staff at Alberts plumbing where laurie did his plumbing apprenticeship..

  This is were laurie served his plumbing apprenticeship at                                                 Wellington 

                                        Family Group

 Jenson Family Group circa 1938 and 1941

 1 Melva De'ath, 2 Henry De'arth,  3 Doris Jenson,  4 Laurie    Jenson  5  William Jenson

                       Jenson family Group circa 1930s

Jenson Family Group circa 1930

 1 Grace Ella ( Nee Warren), 2 William Arthur, 3 Ivy Amy ( later Gardener) 
 4 Raymond Fyall Gardiner, ( husband of Ivy), Henry Death ( Husband of
  Myrtle) 6 Doris May, ( Later Milnes), 13 William Warren, ( son of William and Grace), William ( Father) Laurence Albert, ( son of Ivy), 9 Mary Ann ( Mother)
10 Melva Joyce ( later Parsons), 11 Myrtle Mary, ( mother of Melva). 
12 Gladys Lucy ( later Hudson).  

   Laurence and Grace Jenson wedding day 3-4-1948

Laurie and Grace Jenson's Wedding day 3-4-1948

 1 Patricia Clark, 2 Doris Clark,  3 Laurie Jenson, 4 Grace         Sawtell,  5 Pearce Clark, 6  Margaret Sawtell 

            Laurie and Grace with their Family 1952

  Laurie Jenson Family 1952                    1  Grace,  2 Alan,  3 Dale, 4 laurie,  5  Lynn


     William and Mary Jenson with their Buick 6 car


Willam and Mary Jenson with Buick 6 car circa 1930s 

  Laurie driving the firms vehicle in Levin's annual xmas parade

Laurie Jenson driving the firms truck in a xmas parade circa 1940s

           Laurie and Grace's caravan on holiday

The Family Caravan that Laurie built 
The family caravan Laurie built with the help of Mr. Alfred ( Bill) Harrison. It had an awning at the front. The family had holidays at Lake Taupo in this caravan until they out grew it and replaced it with a bigger model. Laurie never built another one. The Chysler Valiant car Laurie had from new. 

   Laurie always the family man enjoying a Bar-B-Que                                                September 2006

Laurie Jenson enjoying a barbie Q with his family 2006
  1 David Sheperd,  2. Laurie,  3. Jordan Sheperd.                     4. Chris. Shepherd.  5 Deb Higgens. 
Laurie Jenson on his electric scooter 2009

 Flooding behind W. Jensons workshop, Oxford Street,                                                Levin 1940

Flooding behind Jenson's Plumbing shop in the 1940s 

 In the 1880s the then Manawatu Railway Company was formed to build a railway line from Wellington to Palmerston North. The constuctors needed metal ballast to build the line, so they dug it out of several pits around Levin.
This big pit between the railline and Oxford Street was one of those pits.
With the water table being so high in Levin, every time there was heavy rain these pits would flood.This meant all the buildings in the area also got flooded and the ground floors and back yards could not be used. Many of the bussineses including W.Jenson & Co had to use boats to remove their stock. In the 1970s many of the bussinesses got together and installed permanent automatic pumps to control the water level.   

                Kaydee, All steel pleasure boat.

Kaydee built by Ken douglass assisted by Laurie jenson circa 1970s

" Kaydee" an all steel motor launch built by an Levin Engineer
  Mr. Ken Douglass who had a large engineering factory in Levin.
  Laurie spent a lot of time assisting Ken build this boat. Ken and Laurie both enjoyed many trips in this boat, fishing around the Marlborough Sounds in the South Islands. 

         Laurie fishing in his boat( Blue Mist) at Lake Rotoiti,                                                     Rotorua

      Laurie Jensons Boat ( Blue Mist )

  Laurie and his boat "Blue Mist" fly fishing on Lake Rotoiti. Laurie   just loved his fishing. He did his fly fishing and trawling in Lake   Taupo and Rotoiti. His rod always went with him when on holidays.
  In 1967, he went on holidays down to the South Island, he took his rod with him and tried his luck, fishing in the South   Island lakes. He had a great holiday and caught a lot of fish.  

  Laurie manning the Vintage car display at the A.P.I. show

 Laurie Jenson manning vintage shop at API show..

  Dressed in the approriate attire of the vintage shop he manned
  at The Levin A.P.I. show  in the year 1996. 

      A family holiday at Lake Rotoiti, rotorua in 1953

Laurie Jenson family on holiday at Rotorua 1953Photo by Bruce Clarke
The family stayed in a boat shed which belonged to Miss Crossfield ( Crossie), who worked at thwe National Film unit with Doris Clarke, Lauries sister in law. it had its own jetty and petrol pump. The family took "Blue Mist" to visit the local hot pools. Sitting on the jetty, 1. Les Clark, 2. Alan Jenson, 3. Lynn Jenson, 4. Dale jenson, 5 Doris Clark, 6. Patricia Clark, 

7. Grace Jenson in the deck chair, 8. Laurie Jenson. 

      1958 While working as an apprentice on a new housing   development with builders and other tradesmen the labour government of the day, brought in the Black budget. During smoko times it created a huge amount of Hot debate amongst the tradesmen.Laurie was in the thick of it.  

           Harsh taxes in Labour Budget 1958
    Shocks for the taxpayer are contained in the first Budget of the Minister of Finance, Mr Nordmeyer, presented in the  House of Representatives last night, 27th June 1958
    The Budget is designed to reduce private spending. At the same time the State expects to pay nearly £10 million more in social security benefits.
    Income tax, sales tax, excise duty, and estate duties are up. Some wel­fare state benefits are increased.
   The Budget aims at producing £40.5 million more in revenue. Total income is estimated to be £285.2 million.
   Duty on motor spirits will be increased by 1 shilling a gallon. This is effec­tive immediately.
   Duty on cigarettes will be increased from 33s 6d to 70s a thousand, and 13s 6s to 28s a pound. The increase on manufactured tobacco is from 11s 8d to 22s 9d a pound. Cigars increase from 6s to 12s a pound
   Beer duty will go up from 3s a gallon to 6s a gallon.
Duty on spirits will be increased from 60s to 120s a gallon.
   All increases except for motor spirits are subject to Price Tribunal approval.
   Motor vehicles sales tax is increased from 20% to 40%.  This takes effect immediately.  27 June 1958.

This excert credit of Moa Publications Ltd. published in 1990

                                 A little light relief 

                  Harsh taxes in Labour Budget 1958

                                                                                                             Nordmyers 1958 cartoon 2





This cartoon credit of Moa Publications Ltd. published in 1990

         Retirement Day from the Fire Brigade 1960

         Photo courtesy of Levin Chronicle

Laurie Jenson retirement day 1960

   Mr Jenson retires to "let someone else have a go"
By Ross Teppett 1983
  From now on, Laurie Jenson isn't likely to blink an eyelid when he hears a fire siren in the middle of the night.

  Up to last night he was captain of the Levin Fire Police Corps. But yester­day Mr Jenson had his last parade at the fire station. After 29 years in the corps he'd "had enough".
  He joined the corps in December 1954 and be­came a lieutenant in July 1956. He was made cap­tain in May 1960.The Levin Fire Police were mothballed during World War Two and reformed in 1951. "We've had 47 members since that time," he says. At present, there are 10 voluntary fire police officers in Levin.
  The fire police are in­volved in all brigade op­erations.
World War Two and reformed in 1951. "We've had 47 members since that time" he says. At present, there are 10 voluntary fire police officers in Levin.
The fire police are involved in all brigade operations.
  "Our tasks include su­pervising traffic and pedestrians, checks on pilfering, doing salvage work and sometimes assisting the brigade by doing fire work," he says.
   Over the years he has assisted in the formation of the Foxton, Shannon and Marton Fire Police Corps. For the last three years Mr Jenson has been an executive member of the corp's national associa­tion. He retires a life member of that associa­tion.
  He was involved in in­itiating the amalgamation of his association with the United Fire Brigade Association which takes effect on September 1 this year.
   Mr Jenson is still a year off the compulsory retiring age of 65. "Now is as good a time as any to retire. Someone else can have a go," he says.
   Mr Barry Stewart takes over from Mr Jen-son but under the UFBA he will be called a Senior Station Officer.
In the meantime, Mr Jenson has many an un­interrupted night's sleep to look forward to.




               1939 Laurie a Home Guard Volunteer

Laurie Jenson recalling his days in the home guard 1939-1945 
Photo courtesy of Levin Chronicle
                Home Guard Days recalled
The Levin Battalion Home Guard had one mission during the war -keeping the home front safe from Japanese invasion.
Levin man Laurie Jenson was one of 44 Levin tradesmen in the battalion -he is also one of the few surviving battalion members living in Horowhenua.
   A plumber by trade, Mr. Jenson volunteered his time for the engineers division of the homeguard from 1939 to 1945.
   While sometimes frustrating, the home guard was vital for people left behind during the war, he said.
   Around 13 tradesman were on the team of engineers — primarily responsible for building bridges, safe areas, and preparing the town for possible invasion.
"It was always consid­ered to be a bit of a dad's army We had nothing to work with or do.
   With headquarters in Oxford Street, the unar­med team were respon­sible for defence tactics, including building a mortar and planning road routes.
   All bridges in the dis­trict were also marked out in case they needed to be destroyed in an attack.
   Mr Jenson said most of their defence tactics were virtually useless as the battalion was unarmed and never allo­cated explosives or other weapons.
   The battalion also prepared an exit road from Hokio to Waitarere Beach— a plan never eventuating except for the building of a bridge across Hokio Stream.
   The home guard was vital to protect Levin people during the war, and while Mr Jenson has gone on with his life, plumbing career, and retirement 15 years ago, he has put the war behind him.
   Mr Jenson also spent more than 30 years as a volunteer fireman with the Levin brigade.
   Laurie was able to be presented with medals six months before he died.



Family pedal car restored by Laurie Jenson by henryphillips 

    Not only vintage cars Laurie restore , also toys for his grand children.
    He restored this pedal car and made the trailer for David and Chris Shepherd to play in when they came to visit. 


 A letter  from Laurie to Joan-Marie Odea, daughter of Jack Butler, who built and flew an aeroplane at Levin 1932 
  this excert taken from Joan's book," Butlers'" flight. 

Joan-Marie's account... I first found Laurie when he phoned me in 2007. He had seen an article about Jack Butler and he needed to tell me his story and what he remembered.
   Laurie was a great pal of Jeremy Milnes (son of JC Milnes). They would pop over to Jeremy's father's garage to see the progress each day after school. He was there at Waitarere Beach on the day of the crash and was in the photograph. Laurie is a member of the Vintage Car Club and attended the 76th jubilee celebrations held in the Levin Library.
   I met him at my visit to speak to the members of the Horowhenua Historical Society in 2008, and what Laurie remembered created immense interest and questions from the Historical Society members.

Laurie Jenson and Joan odea

L.Jenson, 105 Winchester St., Levin.
Dear Madam.
   Re: Aircraft built and flown in Levin from 1925 to 1931.
First, what sparked this off? Firstly the plans of how to build a high wing ,single seat aeroplane which were included in one copy of an American Magazine named "Popular Mechanics", a very popular publication of that time.
   Also , the will and determination of the builder( Later pilot), to do something constructive in his spare time.
   Much time would have been spent in collecting parts and going through  the process of import of the special timber required.
   Next the buying of a different set of tools as mechanics tools are not much use for cutting and sizing timber.
   Having got all the materials ready, work begins. Probably patterns made from cardboard so that two or more pieces can be made exactly the same if required. 
   At last the woodwork is finished and the getting in of all the control wires from the joy stick and foot pedals is next. Having done all that and made the engine mounts and the lugs to take the wing support arms and provision of the axle and wheels. After all this is done the heap of parts on the floor is starting to look very much like an aeroplane.
   Next is the covering of the frame. Unbleached calico was used for this job. After the covering the material was tightened up by using several coats of alum solution which shrunk the calico then several coats of paint.   After many more hours fitting in the motor and doing all the other jobs the plane is ready to fly.
   The motor was a Ford Model A. The Flight and the Disaster.  
The wing was taken off and the two parts were transported to the beach where it was re-assembled. The motor warmed up and the pilot took off. The plane flew quite nicely up to the river mouth and back twice but at the end of the second trip the radiator water was boiling quite badly. The pilot would not be able to see the steam so some of the people on the ground signalled him to land which he did and that is when the trouble started. The flight distance would be about 30 to 35 miles over all.
   The pilot realising that something was not quite right came in fairly steeply and the narrow tyres of the time dug into the soft sand causing a much greater thrust on the under gear of the plane which collapsed under the load which was much greater than had been expected and would not have happened if the landing had been on a solid deck.
    Picking up the Pieces.
   It was decided after inspection that the plane would be rebuilt but owing to new regulations it was found to be not viable. In the meantime Mr Harry Bowers, employed by Harveys Joinery, had made a new propeller which has been in Levin ever since. It has been in the hands of quite a few people ending in the custody of the Levin Historical Society who kindly loaned it to Museum of Aviation(Kapiti) Inc.
   The future of it I feel will be at the discretion of Mrs O'Dea.
P.S. I hope this screed does not bore you too much. I have tried to trace events from day one.
Yours faithfully L. Jenson
P.P.S. If you need further info, please ring.   


 Laurie restored his beloved Morris Eight  Vintage Car car

Laurie Jenson driving his morris eight in a levin Xmas parade

Laurie restored his beloved Morris Eight vintage car and Grace did the upholstry work on the seats. The Morrie was in all the Chistmas parades in Levin , Foxton and Shannon. Grace also enjoyed these parades and often the grandchildren and their friends were passengers went as well. In this photo Haley Wilson of Himatangi is the passenger.

   1985 laurie reluctantly decided to call it a day and retired    from plumbing. W. Jenson & co had been taken over by                             Master Plumbers Society.

Laurie Jensons retirement day 1985 
The new owners 1. Mike Evan, 2. Paul Kelleher( Manager)
3. Laurie Jenson, 4. Neville Madden ( Area Manager).
The only time was away from Levin was while doing his Plumbing
apprenticeship with Leo Albert in Wellington. From a family bussiness he had worked under five changes of management. He added radiator repairs and latterly McEwan pumps. The changes he experienced in plumbing have been from horse drawn carts to hydralic lifts to move equiment. 

    Laurie was able to combine his two loves. Vintage cars
   and Fire Brigade in 1960. 

 Laurie Jenson in the old fire engine at Himitangi beach..

Laurie was able to combine his two loves. Vintage vehicles and Fire Brigade.
When the Himitangi Beach was celebrating the Jubilee of the Fire Brigade, he worked with his grandson David Shepherd to bring up the vintage fire appliance for the occasion. Laurie was delighted when he was invited to be a passenger for the day. He donned the lovingly cared for brass helmet for the trip around the streets of Himitangi Beach. The driver was.? Because of his frailty at the time he required a walking frame, but it was amazing how he almost leapt in to the passenger's seat ready to go… To take his place. His grandaughter in Law Marie,Carl Beissel and great-grandson Curt, and great-granddaughter Jordan followed behind, with David driving the Levin Vintage fire appliance which was later renovated to carry a Coffin. 

 2007 The Horowhenua Vintage Car Club were getting                      ready to build their new club rooms

Laurie Jenson turning the first sod for car club rooms
     Laurie had the privledge of turning the first sod ready to 
construct the foundations of the Horowhenua Vintage Car Club's new club rooms. Assisted by Club Members 
1, Peter Nightingale,  2. Tom Hayes, 3. Laurie Jenson, 4. Peter Hull.

 2005 Laurie won a raffle prize of a hot air balloon ride.

Laurie Jenson riding in a hot air baloon 2005 

   He didn't feel he could able to get in the balloon so gave it to
son Alan Jenson to take. When Alan got down to earth members of the car club convinced Laurie, to allow them to lift him into the basket. He was tethered but still got a bird's eye view of Levin. 

2010  Laurie selling his house at 105 Winchester Street, Levin.

Laurie Jenson selling his house at 105 Winchester St Levin 2010  IMG Photo by Lynn Shepherd
  In 2010 . Laurie was unable to look after himself by living alone. It was time to move on and he moved into a rest home.It was a disappointing time for Laurie as he had owned this house in Winchester Street for more 90 years, it was the only house he ever owned and lived in. As his family grew and he required more room, he just added to the house. He also had a big workshop at the back of the house, here he was able to work on any machinery, to his heart's content.

 Later the house was demolished to make way for two properties,105 and 105A Winchester Street.

  The front entrance to the Horowhenua Vintage Car Club rooms

The front of the Horowhenua Vintage Car Club rooms, Tiro Tiro road Levin
by henryphillips

       The side entrance to the Vintage Car Club rooms

 Horowhenua Vintage Car Club rooms in Levin
by henryphillips

   It was a sad day when we learnt they Laurence Albert had      passed away, Arrangements were made to celebrate his        funeral at The Horowhenua Vintage car club rooms , Tiro Road, levin.

Laurie Jenson

         HVCC rooms set up ready for Lauries funeral

The Horowheua Vintage car club rooms set up for laurie Jensons funeral..
by henryphillips

         Many of his family and friends at the funeral

Club members , family , friends at Laurie Jensons funeral at H.V.C.C.rooms 28-3-2013..
by henryphillips


Lauries funeral
by henryphillips

   Laurie being taken from the funeral to the fire appliance

  Laurie leaving the club rooms
by henryphillips

  A line up of Vintage cars and the Fire engine waiting for 
  Laurie's coffin. 

The Fire appliance and vintage cars waiting for Lauries coffin
by henryphillips

   Family and friends saying their last good byes.

 Family & friends saying their last goodbyes
by henryphillips

                     Lauries last ride on a Fire Engine

 Laurie Jensons last ride in a fire engine
by henryphillips 

           Loading Laurie's coffin on to the fire engine

 Loading Laurie on to the fire engine
by henryphillips

 What is a fireman_edited-1 henryphillips



Laurie Jenson beside his 1938 morris eight car 2010 Photo taken by Te Whanau rest home staff at Southwards Museum at Paraparaumu

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Laurence Albert Jenson 1920-2013 one of Levin's 20th Century Icons

Date of birth:16/09/1920
Date of death:25/3/2013
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License
Laurence Albert Jenson 1920-2013 one of Levin's 20th Century Icons by henryphillips is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License