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This packet of material was originally created for use by students from material held in the Horowhenua Historical Society. It has been re-created here using the digital resources available in Kete Horowhenua.

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Map showing Artificial Islets in Lake Horowhenua

The first Retter Home 1886

Bush style - at the south west corner of Lake Horowhenua




Lake Horowhenua - circa 1860

Painted by Charles Decimus Barraud


  Lake Horowhenua - circa 1875

Painted by John Barr Clarke HOYTE (1855-1913)



Maori women waiting by the Lake for fishermen to return in Humaria Canoe (Gentle Wind). The last of the great canoes on the Lake. Looking towards Moutere Hill.

 Boating on lake Horowhenua - 1908

In the background is Waipata artificial island.


Ladies' Boat Race on Lake Horowhenua - 1908

Note: Jetty and boat house with grandstand on top.

Boating Carnival on  Lake Horowhenua - 1909

Chinese lanterns on supplejacks. Dance in Boathouse in the evening.




 Lake Horowhenua - 1913

A rise in lake level


Spearing Eels on Lake Horowhenua - 1926

Three members of the Taueki family in the "Hamaria" canoe.


Ornamental whalebone comb and ceremonial whalebone spike recovered from the lakebed of Lake Horowhenua.


Two artificial Pah islands constructed by Maoris on Lake Horowhenua.

Roha a te Kawau (left) and Waikiekie (right).


 Yachting Regatta on lake Horowhenua 1980s.

Moutere hill (dune) in background.

Yachting Regatta on Lake Horowhenua 1980s.

Showing day boathouse.

 Mystic tales of region submitted in contest  Map of Lake Horowhenua and Environs 1932 - by Leslie Adkin
 Martha Florence Proctor's Diary - written in 1886
Artificial Islands in Lake Horowhenua
 An Old New Zealander or, Te Rauparaha, the Napoleon of the South Te Hekenga by Mr Rod McDonald


Skull of kuri (native dog) found at Roha-a-te-kawau island pa,
Horowhenua district, on 17 September 1932.



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