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Topic: The Kete Handbook

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Training Material designed to help get you started on Kete.

Getting Started 

1.1  Registering with Kete 
  1.2 Login to Kete 
  1.3 The Structure of Kete
 2. Finding and Fixing Things in Kete
  2.1 Finding Things in Kete
  2.2 Fixing Things in Kete
 3. Adding Things to Kete
  3.1 Topics
  3.2 Pictures
  3.3 Documents
  3.4 Audio
  3.5 Video
  3.6   Web Links
 4. Making order with Kete
  4.1 Organising YOUR material in Kete
  4.2 Linking Things in Kete
 5. The Text Editor Explained
 6. Tricks for making topics look different    
  6.1Inserting pictures in a topic
  6.2 Using tables to organise lists
  6.3 Creating Hot Links
 7. Case Studies
  7.1 Genealogy - The Burr Family
  7.2 Genealogy - The Ransom Family
  7.3 Using Kete as a photo album
  7.4 Making an Art Portfolio
  7.5 Club Newsletters in Kete
  7.6 Publishing Work in Kete
 8. Other Tricks in Kete





























The Kete Handbook

Creation date:2008