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Training Material designed to help get you started on Kete.

This training material provides additional help to that available online in Kete.


We have assumed that:


  • you already know how to work on a computer – with its mouse and keyboard,
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  • you have used the Internet via an Internet Browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

    Note: We choose to use Mozilla Firefox. Our testing (and this training material) has been done using Firefox. While most things work identically in Internet Explorer, there are a few differences we have discovered.


We have described some ways you can do things in Kete – but there are many other ways – so feel free to experiment and find what suits you. In section 6 we have presented case studies explaining how certain topic layouts were achieved – we hope these inspire you.


How you use this material is completely up to you:


  • you may work through it from beginning to end.
  • OR you can jump in wherever you choose.


You can experiment and change or correct most things – and for those things you cannot change, the Kete administrator can do it for you - just send an email from the Contact link.


Kete is robust – its hard to do anything wrong.  Sometimes things take a while – so don’t click again and again – just allow a little time for the processes to work.


The hardest thing is getting started – so just do it!





Pippa Coard

Content Manager, Kete Horowhenua

The Kete Handbook

Creation date:2008