Walsh / Howan Wedding

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Walsh / Howan Wedding.


Inscription on reverse reads: “Wedding of Gemima Howan and Augustus Walsh at Foxton around 1894. Samuel Howan, (father of Gemima), on right with beard. He jumped a navy ship and changed his name to Howan from Hambleton. Ran the “Ivy” and “Sunbeam” up the Manawatu River. Homestead (bottom half) is in Howan Street. He (Samuel) was alay preacher with james Duncan – we have a Bible given to him from James Duncan. Augustus Walsh and Gemima Howan. They had 6 children, including George Augustus (born 1899 – died 1978) who was M P of Tauranga for many years (he was the eldest). Gemima’s eldest sister, Mary (1864 – 1943) also married a Walsh (top 2nd from right)

The wedding of Gemima Howan and Augustus Walsh at Foxton c1894. Gemima’s two sisters were bridesmaids. Samuel Howan, the father of Gemima, is the man on the right of the photograph with a very full beard.

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