Meeting 79 - 21 September 1908

Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on Monday evening the 21st September 1908 at 8 o’clock.

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Present  The Mayor (Mr. B. R. Gardener), Crs Douglas, Hall, Hankins, Hudson, Levy, Mackenzie, Prouse, Ryder and Williams.


Minutes Confirmed

The minutes of the ordinary meeting held on the 7th September and the extraordinary meeting held on the 14th September were in each case read and confirmed.


Leave of absence to Cr. Hankins

The Mayor moved and Cr. Hudson seconded “That Cr. Hankins be granted 3 months leave of absence on account of sickness”.  This was carried the Mayor voicing the hopes of the Council that Cr. Hankins would speedily recover.



Report from the Sanitary Inspector was read also a letter from the District Health Office re a drainage scheme.


Clerk of Works – Retort House

On the question of selecting a Clerk of Works for the Gas Works Buildings, Cr. Williams moved and Cr. Hall seconded “That the matter of appointing an inspector of Gas Works Building be left in the hands of the Lighting Committee with power to act”.  This was lost by 3 votes to 6 votes – Cr. Levy voting with the move and seconder for the motion and the rest of the Council against the same.  The Council then went into Committee and considered applications.  On resuming it was reported that seven applications were received and appointment of Mr L Arcus was recommended.  The appointment was confirmed.


The following resolutions were carried:


Loss on sale of horse

Mover The Mayor. Seconded Cr. Hall “That the deficit on sale of horse sold at the Pound on 11th September 08, be left in the hands of the Mayor and Town Clerk for settlement with the Poundkeeper.


Re work in Queen Street

Mover the Mayor. Seconded Cr. Hall “That Mr Charlesworth be requested to prepare plans and specifications for kerbing and channeling Queen Street extending from Winchester Street to Salisbury Street on both sides and all other work required on the above street”.


Slaughter House Licence

Mover Cr. Hudson – seconded Cr. Mackenzie “That a further temporary licence for 1 month be granted to the Butt Meat Co. Ltd to slaughter on section 71 Levin”.


Appointed to sign

Mover Cr. Hall Seconded Cr. Williams “That Councillors Hudson & Mackenzie be appointed to sign the following agreements on behalf of the Council: viz

Gasworks Contract 3 – Mr. Whitaker’s contract

Streets Contract No. 13 – Mr. Baylis’s contract

Streets Contract No. 12 – Mr. McCarty’s contract


Re Footpath refunds

The legal opinion of Mr. Martin on the interpretation of the By-Law relating to charging ratepayers with a share of the cost of asphalting and kerbing etc was read and discussed.


To charge the By-Law

The Mayor moved – Cr Ryder seconded “That steps be taken to alter By-law No. 14 of Part IV by erasing the word “shall” in the second line and substituting therefore the word “may”.  After some discussion this motion was lost in the following division:-


            Ayes (4)                       Noes (5)

            The Mayor                  Crs Hall

            Cr Ryder                     Cr Hudson

            Cr Williams                Cr. Levy

            Cr Douglas                Cr. Mackenzie

                                                Cr. Prouse


Accounts passed

The following accounts were passed for payment:-


Transfer from Loan accounts to General account £28.19.2.

Loan a/c

Lyttleton Times – advertising       £2.10.0
Nash & Combe         “   1.7.6
W M Finlayson – work on gas site 1.5.0
West Coast Sawmillers Association    2.6.0
A W Jones – 1st Pro payment contract 9       100.0.0


General Accounts

West Coast Sawmillers Ass - Timber  2.11.3
Caldwell & Co –Ink & Office requisites           1.13.0
R Baylis – Tax for Sanitary Pans 1.3.6
  5 . 7.9



Basil R. Gardener, Mayor

Oct 5 1908

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