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Document: Meeting 51 - 2 December 1907

Minutes of Meeting of Levin Borough council held on Monday evening the 2nd Dec. 1907 at 8 o’clock.


Present – Cr Hudson (presiding) Crs Hall Mackenzie Williams Prouse Levy Ryder & Hawkins. The Mayor attended towards the close of the sitting, and an apology was received from Cr. Douglas who was granted leave of absence.

Minutes confirmed

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.


Correspondence was received from Field Luckie & Toogood, Lands Dept., I.A. Merreth and others but called for no special action.

Reserves Committee’s report

The Reserves Committee reported on various matters dealt with since the last meeting of the council & recommended as ‘The Levin Borough Reserves Vesting & Empowering Act 1907, had become law, that the council should write to Mrs G.B. Ostler, lessee of Sec. 8 Block XI asking her on what terms she would surrender the lease.

Moved by Cr. Mackenzie seconded by Cr. Hall ‘That the Report of the Reserves Committee be adopted.’


Public Meeting to be called

Cr. Hawkins moved & Cr Williams seconded ‘That a Public Meeting be convened by the Mayor with the object of changing the name Weraroa to Levin Railway or some other suitable name’ Carried.

Proceedings of forthcoming Statutory Meetings

Regarding the proceeding at the Statutory Meeting called for the 6th inst. To consider the loan proposals, Cr. Hawkins moved and Cr. Hall seconded ‘That the Mayor place the position of the Loan Proposals as carried by the Council, before the Meeting of Ratepayers.’


Accounts passed.

            The following accounts were passed for payment:

          I. Hook            wages ₤11/14/-
  T. Gregory       wages  
  G. Astridge     wages
  P.K. Patton     Lamplights       
₤ 9/18/8
  Levin Express Comp.  Carting ₤ 2/ 2/-
  Levin Express Comp.  Cab hire
₤ 1/--/-
  Town Clerk     salary
₤11/ 5/-
  R.W. Bradley  Coach hire15/- & 10/-      
₤ 1/ 5/-
  R.R. Morre?    Carting 3/-
  C. Carmont     Ranger 6mth. Salary ₤ 2/10/-
  Fidelty Bond – Ocean Guarantee Corporation
₤ 2/--/-
   I.W. Gibson    goods  
₤ 1/ 3/7
  Harper & Harper         Legal Costs ₤ 2/18/9
  Field Luckie & Toogood        Legal Costs 
  E. Burke          C. aid 4 wks ₤ 2/-8/-
  I.W. Gibson    a/c Mrs Smith 4 wks 



                        B.R. Gardener     Mayor.

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Meeting 51 - 2 December 1907

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