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Kete Horowhenua is a community built digital library of arts, cultural and heritage resources for and about Horowhenua, New Zealand.

The Site is about sharing content and therefore we have adopted the NZ Creative Commons Licence 3.0 to govern how material is used on the Kete site. You should read the Kete Terms and Conditions for further detail.

The Kete library contains items:

  • Images
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Documents
  • URLs of web resources

Items are uploaded to Kete by anybody with an internet connection, and in any common file format.

The digital library also contains:

  • Topics (articles on a subject, person, place, event or thing)
  • Discussion or comments

Topics are like collaboratively written encyclopedia articles. They are written online by anyone at all, and can be edited by other Kete users. Wikipedia is a good example of collaboratively written material.

All Topics and Items can be 'flagged' to the attention of the Kete administrators if, you think it contains inappropriate material.

Eventually a search of Kete Horowhenua will also draw results from these Library Trust resources as well:

In the interim though, you will need to search these databases individually by clicking on the links above.

There are many ways to use Kete Horowhenua:

  • Search or browse the collection
  • Register for RSS feeds of changes to items or topics
  • Comment and discuss items and topics
  • Tag existing items and topics with keyword search terms
  • Edit existing items and topics
  • Link existing items and topics together
  • Link existing topics together
  • Add new items of any format
  • Write new topics or articles on any subject you like

There is no need to register if you just want to look at the collection, but if you want to participate you will need to register. This is a very simple procedure and we collect only the bare minimum information about you. Our Privacy Policy explains why we collect what we do.

Before you get started you should also read our House Rules.

Below are links to online user manual which will get you started, but we also have a comprehensive Kete Handbook which contains tutorials for creating really exciting digital content in Kete.


Kete is being developed very rapidly; more rapidly than this manual, so keep coming back!