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1) Photograph collection. 2) P.O. with Training Farm boys who always marched into town for special occasions 3) Bike Groups 4) Weraroa hotel 5) Byko corner Mrs Do...
Six photo & photocopies, early school photos as used in Levin Education Bay – B to B 1977 78.2) Make your own Flower Containers, by Margaret Eva...
Photographs Tararuas from Queen Street East. Pipe Bridge – Adkin & Herd families Photographs.
Photographs, Tararuas from Queen Street East. Pipe Bridge – Adkin & Herd Familes /Copied by Frank Bryce.
Trip to Kapiti ( 4 photos ) + one of Mangahao River ( Adkin photos )
Postcards. 107.1) Levin, York street, Between Bristol and Salisbury Street looking south. 107.2) Boys Training Farm, Levin.
11 Photographs Remembrance card, Mr Foss Royal Primer Part 2 Memoirs of Mrs Parsons ( typescript ) Two programmes
Suitbox full of photographs and other items. – List made.
Materials from estate of Mrs Maud Adkin – 1913 truncheon, 81 photographs, 2 notebooks, 3 bulletins by G. Leslie Adkin
Cheslyn Rise. Adkin family home.