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1 sepia portrait, unframed, of Mary Ann Futter (nee Hathaway).
4 b/w photographs - a) ‘Proof sheet’ of 36 photos. b) Staff group. c) Another group of staff (plus copy & 2 enlargements). d) Another view of group of staff.
2 photos one of Granny Smithson and one of Granny Smithson’s Cottage
Three photographs. 1) Public library, 2) Public gardens, 3) Oxford street.
Postcards. ( 2 Oxford street, Levin. )
Two Levin daily Chronicles 02/05/1932 & 27/03/1941 and photographs. – Mounted sepia photograpic prints (6) (Council, etc) and snapshots of Waiopehu Tramping Club in Tarar...
56 photographs mainly of Mangahao Hydro. also family photos. ( Camerons )
Three photos, 2 of Oxford street, Levin, 1 Hydrabad.